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Some of our popular products are shown here.  Please visit our store or call us for more information.

ThickenUp and Beneprotein
ThickenUp and Beneprotein

• Nutritional supplement for people who have difficulty swallowing.

• They contain cornstarch, which helps to prevent choking and aspiration when ingesting.

Sigvaris® Compression Stocking

For Women:
• Sheer and fashionable
• Extra comfortable band
• Reinforced heel for optimum durability

For Men:
• Controlled graduated compression for improved circulation
• Calf support panel for better distribution of compression across the leg
• Extra room in the toe to prevent constriction

Spenco 2nd Skin Dressings

• May be used in the treatment of a variety of wounds in which there has been limited skin damage, such as abrasions, minor burns, radiation (eg. sun) damaged skin, and superficial pressure areas
• Cool and soothing to the touch and may reduce local pain and discomfort in some types of injury
• Hydro-colloid gel can promote healing

Skin Protectants for Incontinence

• Protects skin from excess irritation, especially for people using incontinence products (eg. diaper)

goSeamless plus®

• Eases discomfort from pressure and pain caused by hammer, claw and mallet toes

• The anatomical shape fits under the toes to reduce stress on the tips of the toes and back of foot

• Very durable and will not bottom out

• Washable and reusable

• Soft vitamin-enriched gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil to sooth and soften skin on contact

Intelligel® Toe Cap

• Helps to prevent calluses at tips and joints of toes caused by hammer toe

• Protects injured or sensitive toes

• Provides superior protection from shock and friction

• Moisturizes dry skin

• Contains medical-grade mineral oil with vitamin E

• Washable and reusable

SensiFoot® Sock

SensiFoot® provides comfort and protection for sensitive feet, especially for people with diabetes.

• Smooth toe seam

• Extra padding

• Moisture wicking yarns

• Antibacterial/antifungal finish

• Mild compression (8-15 mmHg)

MedPro Quilted Underpad

• Ideal protection for beds, chairs and other furniture

• Rapidly draws wetness away from the body.

• 100% brushed polyester top layer

• Extra absorbent polyester and rayon filling, for all levels of incontinence

• Waterproof backing to prevent leaks

• Easy to wash and dry

MedPro® Waterproof Flannel Sheet

• Machine Washable PVC barrier

• 100% cotton flannel top layer

• Sizes: twin, double and queen

AquaSense Folding Bath Seat and Raised Toilet Seat

Assorted dressings

• for post-operational wounds
• able to absorb discharge from wound